What’s Your Style Type?

Let’s talk about style! Everyone has a type and don’t tell me that it’s anything that fits you! Are you vibrant, Sexy, Preppy, Bohemian, or casual? If you simply do not know what your type is, I will help you. With this post, you’ll learn a little about your taste and how to style yourself and capture what you love.

Don’t worry size has nothing to do with it. Many times when we walk into a store we immediately go looking at size. We scramble through carts labeled by sizes and then you find a top that you absolutely love only to realize it’s not your size!

Style has no number! The fashion industry sometimes likes to put a number on everything and seeing gorgeous outfits on small models can be very discouraging but fear not NEW LEAF and Styled by Steph is here to help!

Style and beauty are all about being creative and feeling confident and beautiful.

I will walk you through what the different style types are and you pick the one which best describes your interests. We do not want to put you in a box so don’t think you have to pick just one, your style should be just like you and if you are a creative, outgoing person then that’s what your style should show.

Before I get into style types let’s reflect. Think about who you are as a person, are you the type that invests time into your appearance, are you a wash-and-go person? Do you like vibrant colors or do you prefer neutrals?

Thinking about your interests will help you understand your fashion choices. When thinking about style, do not focus only on clothing- style is anything. Style can be shown through Jewelry, different necklines, belts, off-the-shoulder, body focus etc. Do you like minimal jewelry or do you like to be bold with statement necklaces?

Do you like to try something new or do you prefer staying in your comfort zone?

Most of us may have body image issues, what many of us don’t know is how you can play with angles and focus the eye on other parts of your body. I can help give you a shape; I can help cinch your waist. I can style you to draw attention to your face and top rather than insecurity areas such as your stomach or hips.

Read up on the different styles and bring your ideas to your Styled by Steph appointment. Together we can create something beautiful.

16 Fashion Styles:

  • Casual
    • People who prefer a casual style will be content with a simple white tee and a pair of jeans and a coordinating bag like a bucket or crossbody bag. The entire look is modern and uncluttered.
  • Exotic
    • Exotic fashion is a collection of bold, eye-catching pieces. It is about wearing something no one has seen before. That includes bright colors, embroidery and prints, and jewelry that can be seen from miles away. It is allowing your outfit to announce your arrival before you do.
  • Trendy
    • The person who follows trends. Trendy fashion is always up to date and consistently updating the wardrobe. A trendy person always looks like they just stepped off the runway.
  • Vibrant
    • A vibrant fashion style is energetic and intense. Typically this style includes wild patterns, asymmetrical designs, and tons of color. This style includes colors that draw attention.
  • Sexy
    • Sexy style is about showing off your best features. A sexy wardrobe will typically include mini skirts, high heels, low cut tops, fitted clothing.
  • Preppy
    • College-inspired wardrobe. This style includes girly blouses, collared tees, A-line skirts. Headbands and updos are categorized with this style. This look gives on a nerdy but slightly luxurious display.
  • Elegant
    • With elegant fashion, glamour is key! The person with this style will not leave the house looking their best. This wardrobe includes classy and glamorous pieces. Dazzle, jewels, diamonds rule this category. The perfect combination of sophisticated and sexy.
  • Bohemian
    • The “boho” look is wild and with intricate patterns. The style follows influences from hippies and gypsies with plenty of geometrics, tie-dye, fringes, lace, and other eye-catching designs. For this wardrobe think about the flow and free-spirited.
  • Girly
    • Girly fashion includes ruffles, flowers, pastel colors. Also known as a romantic. Think beautiful and lovely.
  • Western
    • With this style, there are some must-have pieces and they are: cowgirl hat, flared blue jeans, leather, denim jackets, cowboy boots, and plaid. Tops that include button-ups and t-shirts can be paired with accessories to make a western style.
  • Girl next door
    • This style focuses on simplicity- nothing too wild, exotic, or trendy. Think striped t-shirts, shorts, tennis shoes.
  • Rocker
    • A style all about edge and attitude. Plenty of leather especially on jackets and pants. Chains, spikes, and studs are some included accessories. Boots and ripped skinny jeans as well as animal prints can be included in this category.
  • Artsy
    • This style breaks away from traditional trends. Typically people will be the creators of their own fashions. Each style in this category is different as everyone has their own idea of what “art” is.
  • Business
    • Smart, snazzy, and sharp fashion. This wardrobe includes blazers, pencil skirts, and dress pants. This style is sophisticated as well as respectful. Minimal jewelry and flats or modern heels are part of this wardrobe.
  • Tomboy
    • This style stays away from frills, lace, or bright colors. This wardrobe will consist of jeans, graphic tees, and flats or sneakers. This style is simple yet modern.
  • Sporty
    • Sporty fashion is subtle with plain colors such as white black or gray. This style does not include anything flashy. Sneakers, tights, sweatpants, and basic tees are this style’s must-haves. Hair for this style can include pulled back in a bun or simple ponytail.

Now that you have some knowledge of the different styles, tell me, what’s your style?

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