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For those who have been our clients for many years, you know that Stephanie Vezza is now a co-owner of NEW LEAF Consignment.  Sephanie merchandises the window displays, and merchandise displays around the store, and is responsible for NEW LEAF‘s fashion Shows.  On days that she is working in the store, she assists clients with selecting outfits for work, weddings, first dates and other special occasions.  #Styledbystef is now a part of NEW LEAF Consignment.  This service is free at NEW LEAF but Stephanie also offers her services outside NEW LEAF‘s business hours.  Stephanie offers PRIVATE styling sessions for you, at a very reasonable cost that you would negotiate with her directly when you use the service.  The private session can be at  NEW LEAF Consignment, 16 Park Avenue, Madison, NJ on Monday when NEW LEAF is closed to the public or at your home.   Do you think you are right for a styling session?  Well in the following pages we are giving you the WHO, WHAT and WHY of styling so you can make an informed decision.

Who is Stephanie Vezza?

As a young girl, Stephanie had an eye and love for fashion.  She would create clothes for her collection of Barbie Dolls and would make the dolls’ clothes out of different materials and construction paper with a stapler or glue.  Always fascinated with Fashion Magazines, she read every single one she could get her hands on.

Stephanie achieved a BS in Clothing, Textile and Merchandising /Marketing  from Western Carolina University there, where she was:

  • Granted Outstanding Fashion Merchandising Student Award; Fashion writer for University Paper;  
  • Creator of annual school fashion show;
  • President of Fashion Merchandising Association; and
  • Member of Marketing Management Club;

Her first position was a Buyer, after completing Lord & Taylor’s Executive Training Program. A position even till this day she loved with a passion.

She further enhanced her creative skills during the years her daughter, Francesca, performed and competed with several Dance Companies on the East Coast.  Stephanie not only designed Francesca’s costumes, but also created her visions as well.

The last five years, Stephanie has been managing NEW LEAF Consignment, a mid to high end consignment shop in Madison NJ.   Not only has she enhanced the shop with her merchandising skills, she has created fabulous windows enticing many clients to stop in and shop.  She has always had a knack for predicting fashion trends and incorporating those visions into NEW LEAF’s windows.

The other most important skill Stephanie possesses is her ability to style clients.  It is an art to be able to know body type and style that will suit a specific client.  She takes into consideration your life style, your fashion style, body type and color palate.   She has helped hundreds of clients at  NEW LEAF with a huge amount of success, sending them out of NEW LEAF a much happier person than when they walked in.

Stephanie is now offering a private styling session for you at NEW LEAF on Monday  for only $100.00  (one hour) session!  You may ask why would you spend $100 to have yourself styled and we ask why not?  It could help change your life.  Did you know that the “first strong impression” is actually only a seven second window upon first meeting someone?   How many of you really know how to make that first best impression?  Are you wearing the right colors, body style image and fit of clothes?  You just tell Stephanie your needs and she will make it happen.   It can vary from a significant loss or weight gain, job interview, business attire for a new job, special event that you are attending, a theme party or just going out to meet someone.   If you are looking to re-do your style, she is an expert on that.  Styling is an art that has to be done by a professional.  Once you know your style, you can use it forever!  Stephanie has a fantastic, warm, friendly personality and you will feel at ease the moment you meet her because she is genuine.  She has many funny stories to tell and she will keep you entertained throughout your entire session.

Another special bonus is you will receive Stephanie’s Business Card entitling you to an additional 10% OFF your next NEW LEAF purchase! This will help reduce the cost of your $100.00 investment.   Now is the time to invest in you!  Styling, it’s not just for the Stars – it’s for the star in you!

For more information and/or to set up a private appointment, please feel free to contact Stephanie at 201-214-5231

Arleen J. Gaetani, NEW LEAF Owner

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Personal Stylist in Madison, NJ

personal shopper morris county njIf you are ready to change up your look and create a better version of yourself, then consider hiring a fashion consultant who will help you achieve your goal. In short, a fashion stylist can help transform your aesthetic. There are many things that they have studied to become a personal stylist from color charts to textile history. They can pick out the best looks for you in any store and at any budget. Sometimes, an outside opinion can do wonders for your confidence and hiring a personal stylist can help you achieve a new look that you never thought possible.

You can easily find a clothing stylist near Morris County, NJ and Madison, NJ. One of the best can be found at an upscale resale shop in the area. All you need to do is make an appointment with the personal consignment stylist in Morris County, NJ to begin your makeover journey. You will be blown away at how your fashion consultant shows you options that you never thought were possible.

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Be prepared to be amazed as your own personal shopper picks things out for you that suit you incredibly well. Thanks to consignment shops, you can also score designer looks for less. You will be able to have better offers as well as access to things that might not even be out on the store floor yet thanks to your personal consignment stylist.

There are many advantages to hiring a clothing stylist, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to hiring one with a deep knowledge of vintage fashion. Your Hanover, NJ personal shopper is an expert in the field of styling vintage clothing, and you will reap the benefit of this knowledge. Plus, you can never go wrong with taking inspiration from the muses of the past.

Personal Fashion Stylist in NJ

If you love a certain style from a specific period, be sure to tell your personal stylist. Your local clothing stylist can incorporate this look into your makeover. Madison, NJ has plenty to offer when it comes to fashion, and your personal consignment stylist is here to help you make the most of it. Why not have a fun, vintage style that you can wear to work and on the weekends in Morris County, NJ?

Your fashion consultant from the Madison, NJ and Hanover, NJ areas will help you utilize your look to stand out in Morris County, NJ! What more could you want from a local fashion stylist who knows the trends and events of your city? They will help you navigate the season’s functions with style. The need for an amazing personal stylist is real.

Fashion is very personal, but a great personal stylist can help find your inner and outer beauty. A good fashion stylist listens to your needs while also making you look amazing. You will wonder how you ever lived without your fashion consultant! At NEW LEAF Consignment, you can work with our stylist, Stephanie Vezza. She can help you look fabulous for any occasion at a reasonable price.

If you like the outfits on our store mannequins, then you’ll love the outfits that Stephanie will put together for you. If you want to change up your style, contact us today and get Styled by Stef!


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