Consignment Policies

We consign by private appointment. Please review our consignment policy below before calling to book an appointment.


There is no annual registration fee. 


It it suggested that clients read and fully understand NEW LEAF’s policy before consigning merchandise. NEW LEAF is not responsible for lost or damaged merchandise.

NEW LEAF looks for consignment based on the current season and latest fashion trends. We also want fine, sterling, unique, vintage and costume jewelry, handbags, apparel and accessories.


For first time consignors, we require a minimum of 5 items and a maximum of 20 items per appointment. Items are placed on the selling floor in the consignor’s name for 60 days and will be discounted 10% – 25% at two week intervals. After 6 weeks, the merchandise will move to our Frugal Fashions Department and be sold at 75% off. NEW LEAF reserves the right to use special promotions at any time to expedite the sale of merchandise.


Consignors will receive an inventory sheet of all accepted merchandise the day merchandise is placed on the selling floor. We do not return merchandise to consignors, it will become property of NEW LEAF on the 61st day. Select luxury handbags and jewelry will be returned to a consignor by prior agreement with NEW LEAF. In January, consignors can request a Donation List for tax write off purposes.


There is a 50 cent handling fee for each ‘sold’ item. Handling fees are reflected as adjustments on your check. Consignors’ accounts will be credited 45% or 50% commission based on the final selling price of each item minus the appropriate handling fee. Checks will be mailed bi-monthly starting in January of each year for accounts with a minimum of $5.00.

Consignment Schedule

January 8 – Spring Consignment Begins

March 30 – Spring Consignment Ends

April 1 – Summer Consignment Begins

June 30 – Summer Consignment Ends

July 1 – Fall Consignment Begins

September 30 – Fall Consignment Ends

October 1 – Winter Consignment Begins

December 31 – Winter Consignment Ends