NEW LEAF Consignment opened June 1994 to “turn over a new leaf” being more mindful of the Earth’s environment,  being a catalyst for clients to recycle their finer merchandise and allowing others to enjoy that finer merchandise without paying retail prices


Whether you want to discover your new favorite outfit for the weekend, or something classic for work, NEW LEAF has all of the latest designer trends waiting for you. Be the first to see our fashionable New Arrivals by following us on social media!  Besides being known for having some of the most beautiful windows in Madison, NEW LEAF has the greatest sales ever!   We do not let merchandise stagnate in the store, we constantly keep things fresh by placing everything on Sale.   Emails are sent out weekly (don’t worry NEW LEAF never sells or gives private information to any other marketers) letting you know what is on sale for the week.  Just sign up on our Website for all the latest news.

Our merchandise is always changing

Since NEW LEAF has been in business for almost 25 years, we have an enormous amount of clients wanting to consign their merchandise with us.  We average 25 to 30 new consignors each month.  And the number keeps growing every year.  The readers of Morris/Essex Health & Life magazine have voted NEW LEAF one of the best local businesses in their annual Best of Morris/Essex Readers’ Choice awards.  NEW LEAF Consignment won in their consignment/vintage clothing category.  That means for our clients an abundance of new merchandise on a daily basis.  Be sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram and Twitter and browse our New Arrivals.  You will see details on Size and Price and find out first hand when something comes in.

Our merchandise is always changing

Make some room in your closet and make back the markup. You may have some of our top five most wanted items!

 Consign your seasonal contemporary Designer Apparel.

Consign your retired seasonal pristine Designer Footwear.

Designer handbags upgrade every outfit to a much higher level.  NEW LEAF accepts authentic seasonal designer  handbags, totes and luggage in pristine condition. Vintage quality handbags are highly desirable as well.

You may not want your jewelry from your ex, but we most certainly do!  Consign your fine (14kt), sterling, vintage and better costume jewelry.

 Consign seasonal authentic designer accessories, scarves, hats, sunglasses, wallets and credit card cases.

Our merchandise is always changing

New Leaf Consignment is an upscale consignment shop providing our customers with top of the line products. We offer only the best brands at extremely affordable prices. All our products are slightly used and show minimal, if any signs of wear. Our shop can beat out the pricing at most other stores. New Leaf Consignment is a top tier consignment shop, where our customers can find things like women’s designer handbags, women’s designer shoes, women’s and men’s designer sunglasses, and much, much more. Located in Madison, New Jersey, we are just a short trip away from some of NJ most populated areas. Take the short drive over to our upscale consignment shop from cities like Morristown, Hanover, Morris County, Montclair, and other Central Jersey locations. If you are looking for luxury high end handbags from designers such as Ann Taylor, Chanel, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and many more then come on over to our upscale shop.

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We are located right down the street from the shops on Main street, so don’t be afraid to pop in and check out all the high-end brands we have to offer. New Leaf Consignment is one of the best high-end retail shops in the Central Jersey area. We only take in the best quality, and the best luxury brands. Some of our current featured products are Lauren, Ralph Lauren Boots, Monolo Blanhnik Boots, Louis Vuitton Handbags, Gucci Heels, and a 1950’s Vintage Marketa Handbag. We take great pride in what we offer to our customers. We make sure we look over all of our incoming resale items with a fine-tooth comb. While they may be used, that does not mean they look it. Our thrift shop only offers the highest quality, luxury brands, to our customers, and they are always at affordable prices. One of the unique things about our consignment shop, that sets us apart from other shops, is that we receive just under 30 new consignors per month. What this means is that we are always able to provide new selections of high-end merchandise. The resale business is a tricky one and you must make sure that you are purchasing authentic used, luxury products. All our designer handbags go through a rigorous authentication process, as well as our other designer products, to ensure our reputability. So, if you are living in the NJ area specifically in areas like Hanover, Madison, Montclair, Essex County, Denville, Bernardsville, Morristown, and Morris County, don’t be afraid to stop in to one of the best thrift shops around.

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We are all experienced professionals having been in the business for almost 25 years, we know we will be able to point you to some of our luxury products, that you won’t find at any typical stores. One of the best things about stepping into a consignment shop is that you can find unique luxury items of all kinds. You can come in one day and find something that you would never find at other stores. If you’re looking into some new resale or thrift stores, and you come across New Leaf, come on in to our New Jersey location and get all your upscale needs. We offer both women’s and men’s products to people in the Essex County, Denville, and Bernardsville areas. If you are looking to pass down some of your gentle used goods, our resale option is right for you. See you soon!

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